Joe’s Original Debut Recording

Love From Many Angles

Powerful, emotional, wide range and clarity are some of the attributes associated with Joe Callura’s vocal talents.

This seasoned stage performer has been mesmerizing audiences throughout North America for decades and for the first time his voice has been captured in this recording for all the world to see.

Love From Many Angles is a collaboration with legendary record producer/song writer Bob Gallo, who has worked with numerous singing stars such as Ben E. King, Patti LaBelle, The Nylons and Peter Best with the early Beatles, to mention just a few.

It is a compilation of varying styles of songs ranging from the powerful ballad “Timeless” through the fun song “Dear John” to the rocking sounds of “Danger Zone” and “Love”.

To order your copy of this treasured recording, please send a money order for $20.00* to:

Joe Callura
296 Brucedale Avenue East
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
L9A 1R1

This recording is available in both CD and cassette formats. Please specify which format you would like and be sure to include your return address.

*All money orders are to be made payable to Joe Callura
Canadian orders - $20.00 Canadian dollars
US orders - $20.00 (US dollars)
Other orders - $25.00 (US dollars)

Song List (click to hear a sample clip)

NOTE: For those of you with basic dial up service it will take between 2 1/2 to 3 minutes of buffering before a song will commence playing so please be patient. Hope you enjoy listening!

The only thing that seems to pass the test of
time is true love.

You're out of this world
A dedication to that very special person in your life.

Danger zone
No one likes to be alone so we spend our lives experimenting with different mates looking for that perfect match. During your search, make sure you don't enter the 'Danger Zone' - you know what I mean!

Some of the happiest experiences in life are not even real. They start when we fall asleep and end when we wake. What a wonderful dream.

You belong to the past
A very special relationship comes to an end but you can't get the memories out of your mind. It may haunt you forever.

Dear John
Ever hear of a 'Dear John' letter? The only twist is that instead of it being from a girl to a guy, this one is from a guy to a guy!

Why did you go away?
A double whammy. Your lover disappears and your best friend isn't even around to help you through your misery. Oh what loneliness!

Be the woman in my life
Two people used to be as one, but now, all you have are the memories. Will you let me back into your life for one more try?

We all have a life-long desire for love but no one said that finding it was going to be easy. It's not going to come to you so 'If you need it - go out and get it.'

You were the melody
Just when you think you've found your perfect match, some stranger steps in and steals your mate away.

After the dream is gone
This eternal optimist never gives up on a past love

Hey, I'm alive!
What would it be like to hear yourself being pronounced dead? Would you long for one more shot at life and love? A true recollection of my producer!

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