After seeing one of Joe’s energetic
performances, YOU will be exhausted!

Tom Jones came into international stardom in the mid 1960’s. At that time, there was a young lad from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada who bore a striking resemblance to Tom Jones and who had already been vocalizing in the same type of powerful-emotional style. His name was Joe Callura. And so it was that Joe was naturally propelled to perform as a Tom Jones tribute artist as early as 1968, decades before others even thought of performing artist tributes.
His Tom Jones act regularly sold out audiences week in and week out at a night club in his home town.

Joe continues to emulate the Tom Jones of the 1965 to 1975 era, the time in which Tom had numerous hit records and even his own TV show.

Over the years Joe’s vocal talents have yet again improved immensely with age and practice and his Tom Jones routine has been refined to a tee, sporting the glittery costuming of the early Tom Jones. Driven by Tom’s tear jerking ballads, Joe’s powerful vocals mesmerize crowds via the air waves.

At the same time, his performances of Tom’s upbeat tunes elicits such energy that it has been said that “this human spark plug seems to put out boundless energy on stage!”

Indeed Joe’s performance as Tom Jones will leave YOU exhausted.

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